Safe Riding

Nitty Gritty Bike Band places a strong emphasis on safe riding. We obey all traffic regulations and ride single file on roads where there is traffic.

Helmets are required!

A parent or guardian must accompany minors.

Practicing safe riding involves the development and practice of safe cycling skills and habits. We often ride in a pace line or group in close proximity to other cyclists. The riders around you are dependent upon you for their safety. Being observant of the road ahead, anticipating likely problems and calling or pointing out road hazards to cyclists following you is mandatory.

Similarly, sudden movement in the group is dangerous, as is making a dramatic change in your pace. Communicate with those around you. Signal other riders BEFORE you slow down, accelerate, or change your position in the group.

Another important cycling skill is learning to maintain a consistent pace, or tempo. Especially in our faster rides, riding in a pace line or close formation requires a steady cadence. "Surging", or riding at an uneven tempo, makes it difficult for others to follow you. It requires everyone behind you to adjust his or her pace as well, making for a stressful and accident-prone situation. If the ride tempo is too rapid and you feel uncomfortable holding it, don't hesitate to pull off and move to the back of the group. Don’t overextend yourself. The goal of our rides is to have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience. Please see our Gear page concerning use of aero bars!