While most of our regular cyclists ride road bikes, any type of cycle is welcome. But be advised that riding a mountain bike or hybrid with larger tires and greater weight will make it more difficult in keeping up with road bike equipped riders. Consequently, cyclists having mountain bikes or hybrids often ride together.

Spare tubes or a patch kit, a tire pump or CO2 cylinders, and a mini-tool including tire irons are all advisable to carry along. A small amount of cash for store stops should be considered. All riders should have an adequate supply of fluids along on the ride, especially if no store stop is planned. Most Nitty Grittys carry two water bottles, and some sort of energy boosting snack.

During cooler months, cyclists should bring along appropriate clothing, including rain gear if the weather is threatening.

As a special note of safety concerning gear, please be aware that bicycles equipped with aero bars (extra handle bar accessories for time trial racing) are not allowed in pace line riding on Nitty Gritty rides. It is okay to participate in Nitty Gritty rides with aero bars attached, but only if you do not actively use them during pace line riding or when riding in close proximity to other riders. These type handle bars require a special skill level to ride safely, and especially when used among less skilled riders in a pace line. The Nitty Gritty Bike Band is a casual riding group, and riders of all skill levels could be on any of our rides. Please adhere to this rule for the safety of the group.